About loneliness

Loneliness is a sense of human nature as same as happiness and sadness. Above all, loneliness is a quite complicated sense because it applies to everyone even someone who feeling happiness can feel loneliness. I think most of time, the sense connect to bad feelings such as sadness , anger which is the reason why people need to control their loneliness, otherwise it will eat you up slowly then in the end,  it will force you to have tragic decision.

Then how can we deal with loneliness? here is the way i deal with it. firstly when I feel lonely, I try to do something fun because it is the easiest and the most credible way to avoid thinking loneliness because it needs to be concentrated. For example, my favorite time wasting activity is listening music when I listening to music especially the sad songs It makes me concentrate then naturally I don’t think anything else in that moment and this is the reason why I called it my favorite time wasting activity because listening to music itself is good hobby but when I do it, I usually concentrate too much and then my time is already erased, I can get lid of the sense of loneliness though. I will leave the URL that I fall into these days!



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